How to install Snap.svg Animator for Animate CC 2018

By Matt Lipman     November 11, 2017

TL;DR Try this:

  • Restart Animate CC after making a change
  • Ensure sync settings are on and not paused
  • Reinstall Animate CC and snap.svg plugin
  • Manually install through Manage Extentions Utility
  • Restart computer

A big obstacle many face, as evident in the Snap.svg animator reviews and comment sections, is with installing the plugin. I experienced this first hand and spent two frustrating sessions getting the plugin to work. I have Adobe CC, and acquired the snap plugin on the adobe website, which didn’t give me the option to create a new “SnapSVGAnimator (Custom)” document. Several attempts to restart the program and my laptop didn’t change a thing, same with my efforts to uninstall and reinstall the plugin.

I went through Adobe’s troubleshooting, which thoroughly takes you through things such as checking your internet connection is working (step 1). Oh, it’s my internet Adobe? How did I just access this webpage?! The “more” useful suggestions have you to avoid old versions of Extension Manager CC, ensure sync settings are on and not paused, and ultimately lead me look else where for help.

Then I tried to install the plugin with the manual approach. I was very hesitant about this approach, because who wants to install unfamiliar software to install a plugin onto expensive installed software that you pay for monthly? I only pressed on because the instructions came directly from Adobe. Download and install the Manage Extensions Utility, and download the  ‘.ZXP file’ on the plugin’s GitHub page. Adobe explains how to install the .zxp file to get Snap.svg Animator working. It didn’t work. Even after restarting Animate CC and my computer. Great.

My last ditch effort was to uninstall the software and plugin, and install both again. This is the moment it started working for me. Finally. What did it? IDK. Maybe I should have uninstalled and reinstalled Animate CC in the first place, but I imagine this did not work on it’s own. I already updated the software earlier before installing the plugin, which upgraded me from Adobe Animate CC 2017 to Animate CC 2018. I was up-to-date.

Hopefully you got the plugin working, and much quicker than I did. I had to search for these various resources. If not, I suggest giving feedback on the plugin page, because a poor installation process discourages designers from giving software a try. If Adobe wants to take browser SVG animation seriously, they should get behind improving the installation process.